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November 2020

Paging Miss Patty

I have missed you! I have missed this. And by this I mean taking the time each week to share what is in my head and in my heart. Covid has led to so many changes in our world and not having the time to write has been one of many in mine. I want to issue a sincere thank you to all of you that have reached out to check in on me and see why I haven’t been writing. Or as one person said to me, “What the hell, Inwood! Where’s the blog?!” 🙂

Deciding to put the blog on the backburner was not a choice, but a necessity. The district I teach in is using the hybrid model and as much as I love having my kiddos in from of me, it truly means we are teaching two classrooms every day. It is HARD and it it EXHAUSTING and I try not to complain because, as we are fond of saying at the Inwood house, it can always be worse. I also have this little side gig called Hope Lives Here that is thriving not despite Covid, but because of it. Grief is especially lonely at this time and I love that we are helping and connecting so many people with our support groups and our Private Facebook page.

So what’s a girl to do when something’s got to give? I think my experience speaks to the fact that we always find time to do the necessities in life, the chores, the paying jobs, but at the detriment of the things we love – the things that fill our hearts with joy. When my schedule gets tight I never seem to be able to find the time to walk or to read: Two things I tell my students I would die without. And isn’t that how it feels when we put our passions to the side? Like our souls are getting sucked dry with the must dos?

So here’s what I need you to know: Patty’s got her groove back! lol or at least my priorities straight. I realized I can’t give all I have to my work and to service and nothing to myself and neither can you! I am painfully aware of what folks are doing every day, the sacrifices being made, the energy being put into just getting by…. These are truly extraordinary circumstances. But might I suggest that we all try and find some balance.. some space for the activities that make our hearts sing? I know it won’t be perfect – we might only work out once in the month or write a blog every now and again – but a little self-love will go a long way toward making this Covid crap seem a bit less horrible. I hope you will share what you are doing to make your heart happy in the comments here or on Facebook. Let’s inspire each other! #TogetherWeGetThrough

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