Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Grief is a very personal journey and one that requires A LOT of support.  If you have questions or concerns outside of the ones listed, PLEASE don't hesitate to contact me.

What support groups are available for grieving parents?

Compassionate Friends is a wonderful organization with groups all over the United States that meet monthly to share stories and offer a shoulder to help get parents through.  John and I attended a few meetings in the early months.

Do you have any book recommendations?

Books continue to be an important part of how my family heals.  These two are the ones I give again and again to newly bereaved parents.


How can I help a friend who has lost a child?

I have had many people contact me who are struggling to support someone who has lost a child.  As much as I tried to push my own friend group away, they WOULDN'T GO! Turns out this was the best thing ever.  Surround a grieving family with love and quiet support.  One of my friends texted me almost every day for a month reminding me that I was loved and to just breathe.  Another I deemed the enforcer and she handled the guests and the flowers and the food; everything I couldn't at the time.  One couple took the whole first week off just to sit in our kitchen and be with us.  And one of my friends has adopted my youngest as one of her own and she has taken care of him like the Momma Bear she is.  Any and all of this helps.