If the World Was Ending You’d Come Over, Right?

You know this song. It was all over the radio for awhile and I don’t know what it made you think about, but as soon as I heard it, right smack dab in the middle of this Covid Catastrophe, I launched into End of the World mode. What WOULD happen if an asteroid was plummeting to the planet Earth, or a nuclear war broke out, or heaven forbid… some freak virus starting killing people all over the planet and there was no cure? I know, I know… never gonna happen. 😉

Still, my mind starting playing things out. John and I are obviously going to be together. But what about Logan? He loves this young miss he is dating (we love her, too) and as much as I know he adores his parents, wouldn’t he want to be with his lady? If you have seen them together you know nothing could separate them, not even the end of the world. So I picture Logan calling us, frantic and apologetic that he can’t get to us and get his girl to her family before the shit hits the fan. And we are all crying, but John and I get it – we have been those same lovestruck young people, and isn’t our child’s happiness all we aim for? So we say our I love yous and then we say a few more just to make sure he knows it. I tell him we will see him on the other side and he scoffs, scientist that he is, and we laugh, and then we hang up. Cue my shattering heart.

Our next calls would be to home, of course. There isn’t enough time to get to Canada. I can’t even think hard about how these conversations would go because it is too sad for me right now. We haven’t seen our family in fifteen months and so to think of what I might say, even in an imaginary circumstance, is a little too painful. It gives my heart some comfort to picture the Deans altogether watching the sunset over the lake; The Inwoods at the house with little sweet Abby dancing around. We love you all!

What I’d really love to happen next is that all our friends, after saying their own goodbyes to their loved ones far away, would somehow make their way to our house. After twenty years, these people have been here for every important event in the Inwood journey- birthdays, New Year’s celebrations, getting our green cards, Christmas Eve blasts, and so, so many summer shindigs and soirees. We have laughed and cried and laughed some more over the years, and wouldn’t it be perfect if that is how we finished it off? No Alabama! lol We would fire up the grill, and share some food, and drink waaay too much. Mike would come up with some excellent t-shirt slogan and Sue would make sure the music and the moves never stopped. All my young lovelies would come over, late, of course, lol, but wanting to slide into oblivion with the one and only Barry. The party would be epic and Jay would make sure we heard that exact comment on repeat. 🙂 And just before the end, we would pull out the blankets, like we have so many times before, and spread them out in the backyard under the stars. And we would giggle and hold hands and probably shed a tear or two. I can see all of us there… an endless blend of arms and legs… and hearts. I love you, people, I would start to say, and John would make some joke about Patty always having to make a speech, but he won’t get to finish.

Crazy times lead to crazy thoughts I know. But what the Covid quarantine has done is help me realize who I truly can’t live without. I hope this blog has inspired you to think about who the important people are in your life. Maybe we promise ourselves to reach out more often, say I love you more, and when the time comes, HUG like there is no tomorrow. And if you read this and you are one of my crew, I have just one question for you – If the world was ending, you’d come over, right? Xxx

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