My Favorite Day of the Year

Next weekend is our King of the Courts basketball tournament. It is currently my favorite day of the year – yes, even beating out Christmas lol.  The tourney is street style basketball with teams of three versing one another till a winner is declared.  What makes it my favorite day, you ask?  Well, for starters there are 96 young people there and that’s just the players.  I get more hugs in five short hours than you can believe and you KNOW how happy that makes me. lol

Some of the teams aren’t there to play competitively and for that I am incredibly grateful.  As my girl Toni says, she looks forward to this opportunity to humiliate herself. lol  Love you, Tonz!  She doesn’t, of course, but she, and others like her, come to support our family and Luke’s memory.  To see all these kiddos on this day brings back so many memories about Luke and his friends.  Luke lived for his boys and the whole crew and when they come out, my connection to Luke seems to be recharged in the most amazing way.

Most of the teams that sign up are darn fine ballers.  We have had some outstanding match-ups these past two years and the battles can get a little heated.  No one wants to upset Miss Patty, of course, (it’s just for fun, guys!) so they try to be on their best behavior.  The final matches are ridiculously good and I am not exaggerating here.  I have always loved the game of basketball so watching the lads compete is exciting. Logan, Matty, and Steve are crowd favorites, and even won the first year, which makes my heart just so proud.

Playing basketball on the courts uptown was Luke’s favorite way to pass the time once he was old enough to get up there.  I have so many mind movies:  Luke with his big ole jug of water from Saveway making his way across the grass in his mandles; Luke’s phone always dying because he was up there ALL DAY;  getting the call to go pick him up and sitting in the parking lot watching the boys laughing, always laughing, and taking a few shots till Luke would notice I was there;  Luke standing up from the bench and giving Cody or Camden or whomever a hand slap or whatever it is the young kids do lol and him strolling on over to meet me.  That boy sure could stroll. If you knew him, you know EXACTLY what I mean. I miss it. I miss him. <3

I don’t know for how many more years the tournament will continue and it really doesn’t matter.  For now, I take one Favorite Day of the Year days at a time and savor every single minute, every single play, every single hug.  I have been known to say there is nothing my boy loved more than a ball in his hands and his boys by his side.  The King of the Courts tourney, and everyone who shows up that day, allows me to feel this  and feel connected to my boy in a way nothing else can.  Can’t wait for Saturday. Xxx



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